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    Dr. Mojarrad graduated Virginia Commonwealth University where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. She continued her education at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where she earned her Master’s Degree in Public Health. She earned her Doctorate from Howard University’s College of Dentistry in Washington DC. Upon graduation, she received the award for outstanding community services. Dr. Mojarrad continues to volunteer her time at “Give Kids a Smile” program; Mission of Mercy events as well as providing dental care to the underserved. Dr. Mojarrad likes to keep herself up to date by attending continuing education courses in order to provide the state of the art dental techniques for her patients. She is an active member of the American Dental Association and Academy of General Dentistry. She is fluent in Farsi and English. In her free time, Dr. Mojarrad enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with friends and family. Dr. Mojarrad is excited to build relationships based on personalized care, trust, and respect. She is dedicated to providing compassionate care to you and your families through her services.
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    Ehsan Soolari
    Dr. Ehsan Soolari is a dentist and dental practicing at Soolari Dentistry. He serves the communities of Gaithersburg, Potomac, and Silver Spring, MD. Dr. Soolari also specializes in cosmetic dentistry. He earned his dental degree from the University of Maryland. Dr. Soolari has diverse clinical experience, which includes performing surgical extractions, periodontal procedures, and filling procedures. Patients see him for a host of reasons, including teeth bonding, bleeding gums, dentures, root canals, and implants. Dr. Soolari is certified in CPR and OSHA infection control. He is fluent in English and Farsi, which makes him accessible to patients from a variety of backgrounds. Outside of his practice, Dr. Soolari enjoys playing basketball and rocket ball. Dr. Soolari endeavors to make dental visits a low-stress experience with quick, quality treatment and minimal discomfort. He focuses on all aspects of a patient's experience which drive him towards excellence in providing healthcare
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    Gary Swiec
    Dr. Gary Swiec graduated from Loyola University Maryland with Bachelors of Science degree in Biology. He then earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Maryland, School of Dentistry. Upon graduation, Dr. Swiec was commissioned in the United States Army, where he devoted 33 years of loyal service, retiring in 2017 at the rank of full Colonel. While on active duty, his first duty assignment was Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where he graduated from the Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program (1YR). He received his specialty training in Periodontics through the US Army along with a Master of Science in Oral Biology from the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Swiec earned Board Certification through the American Board of Periodontology in 1999. During his time in the United States Army, Dr. Swiec continued to maintain a busy clinical practice, despite his various additional responsibilities. He was the Periodontics Mentor for US Army Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program (1YR) at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Dr. Swiec was then selected as the Director of the US Army Advanced Education in Periodontics Residency Program, Fort Gordon, GA. Dr. Swiec was later selected as the Periodontics Consultant for the US Army’s “Office of the Surgeon General”. His last assignment was as the Commander of the Fort Belvoir Dental Clinic Command, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Dr. Swiec has extensive experience in Safety, Infection Control, Hazard Communication, Patient Safety, and Radiation Protection thus able to ensure the safe delivery of dental treatment with the highest standard of care. Dr. Gary Swiec currently serves as a member of the Dean’s Faculty, Department of Periodontics, University of Maryland School of Dentistry as a Clinical Associate Professor. He is a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Periodontology, and the American Board of Periodontology. HONORS American Academy of Periodontology, Tarrson Research Award in Oral Plastic Surgery, 2007 2nd Place, Southern Academy of Periodontology, Billy M. Pennel Research Competition, 1996 PUBLICATIONS “In vitro study of the adverse effect of Nicotine and physical strain on human gingival fibroblasts as a model of the healing of wounds commonly found in the military” Michael E. Dinos, James L. Borke, Gary D. Swiec, James C. McPherson III, Jeremy L Goodin, Augustine Chuang. Military Medicine. 180, 3:86, 2015. “The effects of Enamel Matrix Derivative and cyclical mechanical strain on human gingival fibroblasts in an in vitro defect healing model” Jill E Sanders, Augustine Chuang, Gary D Swiec, Frederick C Bisch, Robert W. Herold, Thomas B. Buxton, James C. McPherson. International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry. Vol 31, Number 6, 2011. “Effect of systemic parathyroid hormone (1-34) and a beta-tricalcium phosphate biomaterial on local bone formation in a critical-size rat calvarial defect model.” Yun JI, Wikesjö UM, Borke JL, Bisch FC, Lewis JE, Herold RW, Swiec GD, Wood JC, McPherson JC 3rd. J Clin Periodontol. 2010 Mar. “Influence of matrix-suspended demineralized bone on osseous repair using a critical-sized defect in the rat (Rattus norvegicus) calvarium.” J Oral Implantol. Kalish Bryan P; Schuster George S; Peacock Mark E; Cuenin Michael F; Swiec Gary D; Potter Brad J; Buxton Thomas B; McPherson James C: 2008;34(2):83-9 “Effect of a Hydroxyapatite Tricalcium Phosphate Alloplast on Osseous Repair in the Rat Calvarium” Kurt B. Fleckenstein, Michael F. Cuenin, Mark E. Peacock, Michael A. Billman, Gary D. Swiec, Thomas B. Buxton, Baldev B. Singh, James C. McPherson. Journal of Periodontology Jan 2006, Vol. 77, No. 1: 46-53. “Gingival Recession Treatment with Connective Tissue Grafts in Smokers and Non-Smokers” Kenneth J. Erley, Gary D. Swiec, Robert Herold, Frederick C. Bisch, Mark E. Peacock. Journal of Periodontology 2006, Vol. 77, No. 7: 1148-1155. 'Severe Localized Periodontal Destruction Associated with Cervical Cemental Separation' Collins T. Lyons, MS; Mark E. Peacock, MS; Michael F. Cuenin; Gary D. Swiec, DDS, MS; David J. Dickey, General Dentistry May-June 2005, Vol. 53, No. 3. 'Perioral Angioedema Associated With Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor' Mark E. Peacock, Dong S. Park, Gary D. Swiec, Kenneth J. Erley Journal of Periodontology Apr 2005, Vol. 76, No. 4: 651-654. “External root resorption following partial-thickness connective tissue graft placement: a case report” Steven D Hokett, Mark E. Peacock, William T. Burns, Gary D. Swiec, Michael F. Cuenin Journal of Periodontology Mar 2002, Vol. 73, No. 3: 334-339.
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    Ahmad Soolari

    Dr. Soolari earned his doctorate from the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry in 1990, where he received several academic awards. He received his specialty training in periodontics from Eastman Dental Center and Master of Science degree from the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. He achieved the distinction of Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology in 1997. Dr. Soolari is a dental consultant with the National Naval Medical Center, Postgraduate Periodontics, Dental School in Bethesda, MD.  He was a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Periodontics at the University of Maryland Dental School and a Research Associate with the New York University College of Dentistry.

    Professional memberships include: American Dental Association, American Board of Periodontology, Maryland State Dental Association (MSDA), and International Academy of Periodontology.

    His extensive resume also includes the following notable achievements: 
    Diplomate and Examiner of the American Board of Periodontology
    Dental Consultant at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Postgraduate Periodontics, Bethesda, Maryland
    Practitioner-Investigator with the NDPBRN (National Dental Practitioner-Based Research Network), conducted by the University of Rochester, Rochester NY
    Editorial Board of Journal of Clinical Advances in Periodontics, Journal of the International Academy of Periodontology (JIAP), Medical Science Monitor (MSM) and the Journal of Implant and Advance Clinical Dentistry
    M.S. degree: University of Rochester, Rochester, New York
    Certificate in Periodontics from the Eastman Dental Ctr, Univ of Rochester
    D.M.D degree from the University of Mississippi in 1990

    Ahmad Soolari, George Kestin and Amin Soolari: Meeting the challenge of replacing mandibular anterior teeth with a dental implant: Clinical case report. Dentistry Today, 2017 April (In Press)
    Ahmad Soolari and Amin Soolari: Management of non-treatable mandibular anterior tooth with dental implants.  Dentistry Today, 2016 November; Vol 35 (11), 105-109 
    Ahmad Soolari, Nafiseh Soolari, Habibeh Shams & Jasim Albandar.  Factors influencing patient acceptance of Treatment Plans at a Private Periodontal practice.  The Journal of Implant & Advance Clinical dentistry, Vol 7, No. 8, October 2015. 
    Ahmad Soolari, Shahriar Shahami: Periodontal Plastic Surgery in esthetic Zone.  A Cooperative Approach to Excellent in Esthetics and Optimal Function.   Inside Dentistry, 2015 July; 54-59
     Ahmad Soolari, Amin Soolari, Rand Alobaidi. Management of mandibular anterior teeth with gingival recession. Dentistry Today, 2015 February; 34(2); 62-65
    Ahmad Soolari and Asghar Khan: Central Odontogenic Fibroma of the Gingiva: The Open Dentistry Journal, 2014, 8, 280-288
    George Felt & Ahmad Soolari, Interdisciplinary trauma management in an elderly patient, a case report: The Open Dentistry Journal, 2014, 8, 201-06
    Ahmad Soolari, Duane Erickson, Amin Soolari. Orthodontic Forced Eruption. A team approach in Aesthetic treatment. Dentistry Today, 2014 Jul; 33 (7):112-117.
    Ahmad Soolari, and Nafiseh Soolari: Letter to Editor: Importance of Early Detection of Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Dentistry Today, 2014 June.
    Ahmad Soolari, and Nafiseh Soolari: Importance of Early Detection of Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Dentistry Today, 2014 April; 33 (4): 106-109.
    Ahmad Soolari, and Nafiseh Soolari: Management of Plaque-related Soft Tissue Trauma: Dentistry Today, 2013 Jul; 32(7):96, 98-9.
     Ahmad Soolari: Guided Tissue Regeneration with bone grafting for treatment of Peri-implantitis induced by retained cement. The Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry: September 2012, Volume 4, No. 4
    N Soolari, A Soolari: Closure of an open wound associated with Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw in a Breast Cancer Patient: The Open Dentistry Journal, 2011, 5, 163-167.
    A Soolari, E Soolari and N Shumaker: Palatal tissue enlargement after subepithelial connective tissue graft harvest associated with anabolic steroid abuse: Clinical Advances in Periodontics. 2011, Vol. 1, 23-28.
    E Soolari, A Soolari and Ahmad Soolari: Phosphate buffer-stabilized 0.1% chlorine dioxide-containing mouth wash facilitate sequestration of Bishphosphonate Related Osteonecrosis of jaw (BRONJ) lesion from a patient who presented with Osteonecrosis of the jaw and a history of intravenous bisphosphonate use: Case Report. Translational Biomedicine: August 2010, Volume 1, No 1:7 
    Soolari A S. Compliance and its roll on successful treatment of an advanced periodontal case. Review of literature and a case report. Quinntessence International, 2002,33:389-396. Translated into German & Japanese.

    Volunteer Work:
    Adjunct Clinical Professor, American Red Cross Volunteer since 2003 - 2016 at the National Naval Medical Center
    Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Periodontology, Post Doctoral Residency Program at University of Maryland School of Dentistry
    Election Judge for Gubernatorial Primary Election, Maryland
    Western Maryland Mission of Mercy: Provide dental treatment to people who could not otherwise afford dental care.

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