Roughly half of American adults have some form of gum disease according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, and treatment may be necessary to restore your dental health. Learn the benefits of having a good periodontist on call to help keep your gums pink, healthy, and free from infection.

What Is a Periodontist? 
Periodontal disease is a condition that affects the gums and causes the deterioration of bone tissue in the mouth. Periodontists are focused on diagnosing, preventing, and treating patients who have this problem. Periodontists also specialize in placing and helping patients maintain dental implants in cases where severe periodontitis has caused tooth loss.

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Resolving Periodontal Disease
Bleeding gums, pockets around the teeth, bad breath, and loose teeth are a few of the glaring symptoms of periodontitis. There are a number of treatments that periodontists use to help patients who have been diagnosed with gum disease:

- Scaling and root planing (sometimes called a deep cleaning). - Root surface debridement. - Periodontal surgery. - Bone grafting and osseous grafting (bone reshaping). - Periodontal splinting (connecting two teeth to make them stronger together). - Arestin (an antibiotic treatment).

Seeing Your Periodontist Regularly
After being diagnosed and treated for periodontal disease, it’s imperative that you maintain an ongoing relationship with your periodontist. Instead of visiting the dentist twice per year, you may need to schedule a cleaning four times a year. Follow your periodontist’s at-home case advice closely, including daily flossing (lack of flossing is one of the top reasons for gum disease) and eating healthy foods.

Give Your Smile a Chance
Call (301) 299-7666 today to schedule an appointment with a periodontist at Shady Grove Smiles in Gaithersburg, MD. Dr. Ehsan Soolari and Dr. Ahmad Soolari are committed to helping you save your smile.


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